Title: Hospital Renovator
Platform: PC (STEAM)
Developer: Supernova Studio S.A.
Publisher: T-Bull S.A.
Genre: Simulation

The hospital is one of the most important facilities in the city, and good healthcare is a must-have in the neighborhood. Until now, the building has been empty, it has collapsed piece by piece, and its inhabitants have become, among others, various types of rodents.

Say stop to ruin! Enter the area as a one-man renovation company and create an amazing building that will serve to save lives.

The city has just hired you for this important mission. Do not disappoint the government and residents. Set up a recovery plan and get to work. You will have the appropriate but basic type of equipment at your disposal. By renovating more rooms and completing quests, you will get some money that you can spend on improving tools and speeding up the work. Demolish walls, repair electrical systems, patch elevations, tear off the plaster, put panels and tiles, throw out rubbish, vacuum clean, wash walls, paint, etc.

Plan each floor and room wisely. It is only up to you where the pediatrics, office, operating room, or even a morgue will be located. Plan it carefully and per the standards. Remember about equal and quick access for all patients. Determine the number of rooms and offices. Make a hospital friendly to everyone.

Open completed stages and work on the next ones. If you manage to complete the full renovation of the most important rooms, you will be able to open the area to residents – potential patients. At the same time, nothing prevents him from continuing to work on the next stages. Expand the entire complex inside and around the main building. And when are you done? Maybe you will become a handyman in the already operating dream hospital? It’s probably better than retirement!