Title: Fitness Center Renovator
Platform: PC (STEAM)
Developer: Supernova Studio S.A.
Publisher: T-Bull S.A.
Genre: Simulation

Take on the role of a businessman who wants to create his own network of franchise fitness centers. Purchase neglected premises and turn them into cash cows. Renovate, decorate and sell ​​it until you have unlimited wealth!

After buying a place you have to square it away. Throw away old and abandoned items, clean up the dirt, repair holes in the floor, plaster the walls, paint them, adjust the equipment, add some decorations, and put it to full use! Plan what kind of activities will be available in your fitness center, decide who is your target. Do you prefer to create a place only for women? Maybe for someone who wants to be very muscular? For busy people from corporations or for young moms? It’s up to you! Consider if you want to have any attractions for your clients. Choose your own style, and make your dreams come true.

Have you finished your place? Now it’s time to expand your franchise network! Create a unique logo and company name, then sell the premises for use to others for a monthly fee. Stand on top of the best fitness centers in the world! Lead people to a better life creating places where they would like to take care of their health. As your reputation will grow, you will unlock the next places, cities, and countries! All locations unlocked later have a higher level of complexity and difficulty so will you accept the challenge?

Upload photos of your temples of sculpted bodies and collect feedback from other players. Compete with them in themed contests. Inspire from other’s work and support them by rating. Everything takes place in the game’s internal ecosystem.