Title: Post Industrial Renovator
Platform: PC (STEAM)
Developer: Supernova Studio S.A.
Publisher: T-Bull S.A.
Genre: Simulation

Take on the role of spatial planner and carry out orders from the city government to transform old factory complexes into vibrant places of culture, art, or fun.

Cities are full of old wastelands waiting for someone to give them new life. That person is YOU. Accept orders from city authorities to renovate and develop abandoned factory complexes into vibrant public spaces. Demolish walls (if necessary), remove rubble, clean broken glass, and start renovation!

Each property is divided into segments. The client decides what should be in the main one, while the rest depends entirely on you. Choose your own, consistent style and turn bleak interiors into modern and cozy places.

Use the money you earn from completing quests to upgrade your equipment so you can complete your next mission faster. As you level up in Renown you will receive new tools, equipment, and new landscaping options.