Title: Coffee Bar Renovator
Platform: PC (STEAM)
Developer: Supernova Studio S.A.
Publisher: T-Bull S.A.
Genre: Simulation

Take on the role of a businessman who wants to create his own network of franchise cafes. Purchase, renovate, and decor of neglected premises. Sell it and take advantage of the franchise. Repeat the process until you have unlimited wealth!

Already have a place? So let’s do it! Clean up the dirt, repair the power system, plaster the walls, paint them, decorate the room, adjust the equipment, tune the place, and put it to full use! For each task, you will need to prepare, plan activities and perform them meticulously. It’s up to you to customize the rooms, so choose the style that suits you best.

You already have a place and what’s next? Expand your franchise network! Choose a logo and company name, then sell the premises for use to others for a monthly fee. Earn money at pre-arranged coffee shops. Create the world’s largest brand for aromatic coffee lovers. Be the richest entrepreneur and espresso gourmet. Along with gaining the reputation of the brand, the area in which we can expand our business grows. We start with one city district, then we can unlock the entire city and even the country. Strive to capture the global coffee bar brand. All locations unlocked later have a higher level of complexity and difficulty.

Rate and be rated. Upload photos of your fancy cafes online and collect feedback from other players. Compete with them in themed contests. Rate your friends’ work and view inspiring photos. Everything takes place in the game’s internal ecosystem.